Isn’t it time to listen to our superintendents, teachers and parents?

AccountabalonyHallOfFame_SMALLer_PaulaSyndicated columnist and former Florida legislator, Paula Dockery, knocks it out of the park with her latest column “Isn’t it time to listen to our superintendents, teachers and parents?” This is a great read and a must share. Read the entire column here.

“With so much at stake, stress levels are high, morale is low and all efforts at teaching are directed at passing the test.

The state calls this “accountability.” Educational professionals and parents have long warned high-stakes testing would have a detrimental effect on education. It’s becoming more and more evident they were correct.”

“If the state were so concerned with accountability and measurable outcomes, you would think they would be very cautious and judicious in developing a testing instrument that accurately measures learning gains against their standards. You would also think they would field test and validate the test before giving it to our students. And you would hope that they would have load tested the online assessment statewide to work out any kinks in the system. None of this was done.

Where is the state’s accountability?”

Exactly… we all want accountability but the state gives us #accountabaloney.

Thank you Ms. Dockery for stating it so eloquently.


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