Accountabaloney Wall of Fame – Week of September 28

Superintendents Carvalho and Vitti: Thank you for calling out the Accountabaloney!

Accountabaloney would like to thank the superintendents around the state who are standing up for our children and speaking out about the current #accountabaloney in Florida. Today, we commend two superintendents that we feel deserve a place in the Accountabaloney Hall of Fame.


AlbertAccountabalonyHallOfFame_SMALLer_CARVALHOo Carvalho, Superintendent of Miami-Dade Public Schools

In the very same Florida Board of Education meeting, where members of the Florida Board of Education applauded the results of the Alpine Validity study and pushed for not only using scores from the flawed FSA rollout but raising the standards to near impossible levels (promising the chance of higher wages later for taking “a cold shower” today), Miami-Dade Superintendent Alberto Carvalho called the state’s unwillingness to acknowledge its errors “unconscionable.” You can read about it here or here or watch his compelling testimony here.

AccountabalonyHallOfFame_SMALLerVittiDr. Nikolai P. Vitti, Superintendent of Duval Public Schools

In a letter addressed to “Teachers, Principals, and All District Employees”, Dr. Vitti urged everyone to join him in voicing concerns regarding Florida’s flawed Accountability System.

“As an educator, parent, and most importantly, as your superintendent I cannot stand idle or silent while witnessing the blatant disregard and disrespect for what all of you do every day on the behalf of our students. No student, teacher, principal, or school deserves to be labeled as failing based on this flawed process. State officials are manufacturing and ensuring lower performance in the name of “greater accountability and higher standards.” It is time for us to ask the question…to what end is this greater accountability and higher standards? The subtle response appears to be the destruction or shaming of public education.”

Read his letter here or hear him explain #accountabaloney in this interview.

Congratulations Superintendents Carvalho and Vitti!  We applaud your strong leadership in the battle against #accountabaloney!


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