Superintendents Can Smell the Accountabaloney

Florida’s Superintendents are meeting this week and the talk is focused on the failed FSA validity study, school grades and accountability.  “The question they have is, can they continue to support an effort that they have serious questions about?” It seems like they are beginning to smell the Accountabaloney…

Montford said superintendents have “carried the water” for the state over many years in the implementation of the high-stakes accountability model. Their backing of the concept behind the system remains, he added.

But the time has come for district leaders to take a close look at the model and decide whether they can continue to back its current form, he said.

“We’ve got to be sure we give due thought to every aspect of the accountability system, not just school grades,” Montford said. “This has far-reaching implications.”

Yes, EVERY aspect of the accountability system….

Read about it here:

More news expected today.


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