Sick of Accountabaloney, Florida Superintendents have lost Confidence in system

A press release, today, from the Florida Association of District School Superintendents (FADSS) clearly states that “Florida district school superintendents have lost confidence in the current accountability system for the students of the State of Florida.”   To read the full press release, click here.

They go on to make several recommendations:

  1. Suspend any application of the results from the spring 2015 administration of the FSA to students, teachers and schools.
  2. Issue an “I” (Incomplete) if necessary, to all Florida schools for 2014-2015, based upon the availability of limited and flawed data.
  3. Reject the concept that the standards set for the FSA mirror the levels of the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP). [This is a direct response to the Board of Education and the Foundation for Florida’s Future’s recent call to raise the proficiency bar on the recent 2015 Florida State Assessment.]
  4. Conduct an extensive review of the accountability system, including the multiple changes that have been implemented over the last several years.

They conclude by saying “We have witnessed the erosion of public support for an accountability system that was once a model for the nation. Florida school superintendents stand ready to work with all stakeholders and the Department of Education to develop a viable accountability system and regain the trust of our students, teachers, parents and communities.”

This is more proof that Florida needs a serious, state wide, discussion regarding the appropriate use of standardized test data. This should include review of the mandatory third grade retention, graduation requirements, VAM scores, the effect of state mandated EOCs on a student’s GPA, and the A-F school grading system. Florida should consider the use of existing, less test-based accountability systems. Rather than enacting new laws, existing laws with unintended negative consequences should be repealed.  Only then will Florida’s system regain respect.

We are ALL tired of Accountabaloney.


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