Schools are not factories, an educated child is not a product

“The bottom line then is this: Those who speak of holding students and teachers “accountable” and emphasize data collection as “the solution” to education reform are applying the wrong business and educational models. Children, teachers and parents everywhere should refuse to participate in this, and it is those at the top of this pyramid scheme who need to be held accountable!”

When our policy makers applied inappropriate business models to education in the name of accountability, what we got was accountabaloney .

Part of dissecting the issue of “accountabaloney” is to look back and understand where we came from.  This issue becomes even more concerning with the current move to privatize education, especially when high stakes are still attached.  Here is a very poignant article that explains the current model and why it is so troublesome.  Factory Model Education “Reforms” Were Designed for Product Testing, Not Children  by Christopher Chase provides a very insightful look at the current system and demonstrates  why a system like this is never the answer to holding kids and teacher accountable in a respectful and ethical manner.   To read the full article, click here.


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